“Diann has taken a subject most people do not want to talk about and dealt with it in raw and honest emotions. Some of it may not be the way you would tell your story or even believe, but that is the beauty of what she says: people approach and deal with grief in their unique way. Her style is easy to read and truly lets you look into her grieving mind – her journey. That is a big benefit of her book – candor about what she felt and did. Her honest and biting statements about things people say while around a grieving person provide insight, and she offers good tips on better things to say! Finally, her practical tips and lists are very useful.”

Hermann Eben

GR8 Solutions Group

Diann Pass draws upon her personal journey of being a caregiver for her terminally ill husband to working through the stages of grief after his passing with such clarity and honesty. As a storyteller, she comes alongside as a guide to show the way through what I call the pitfalls of grief. I would’ve greatly benefited from this book after the death of my son several years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who is caring for a terminally ill loved one or walking through the valley of the shadow of death. It is truly a gift to us all–a beacon of hope to facilitate healing.

Emily Boller

Mother of five, artist, author, speaker, Starved to Obesity,