Your Life After Loss

When Diann Pass lost her husband over six years ago, she read 25 books on grief. She found a lot of information on the emotional side of grief but few practical tips. She needed to understand how to move forward through grief to healing. Diann collected the insights and strategies that she found most helpful.  The result is this easy-to-read guide. Rediscover Your Life After Loss:

  • Reveals what to expect as you go through the process of grieving
  • Helps you to understand the value of your grief but not to become stuck there
  • Gives encouragement for healing and for the future
  • Offers a SPECIAL SECTION FOR CAREGIVERS to help you face the end of life with dignity and grace for both the caregiver and the patient”

David J. Kuhnert,
Production Manager
CrownQuest Operating, Author Servant Leadership

“My good friend for many years, Diann Pass, eloquently brings to light one of the most difficult struggles we deal with in life in her new book, Rebuilding Your Life After Loss.  Have you have lost someone close to you and aren’t sure how to do life in this ‘new normal’? Do you know someone who is struggling with the loss of a loved one?  

“Diann uses her firsthand knowledge of the journey from loss to recovery to illustrate for us how we can continue to choose life. She expands on her first book, Lessons in Living and Dying, and her vast experience as a chaplain to create the ‘how to’ document we all need.  Don’t wait until you need this great wisdom.  Prepare for the inevitable battle of loss by arming yourself today.  Adversity doesn’t have to be so adverse.  When we can understand the challenges that lie before us, it helps us better understand that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel if we will keep moving forward.  Let Diann help put to words what you will be going through and how to be an overcomer!”

Jan Reed
Pastor of Care Ministries
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
Midland, Texas

“Rediscover Your Life After Loss is a must read guide for those who seek to discover some semblance of normalcy after experiencing life altering grief and loss. Diann Pass offers real solutions and guidance as she shares her sacred journey of grief recovery and emotional healing.”

In today’s world we hear much talk about legacy. There seems to be immeasurable concern about what others will remember about us when our lives are complete. How can we be certain that we will be remembered in positive ways? Should we leave money for a building to be named after us? Is it necessary to be extremely wealthy or be famous? Maybe. Our truest bequest will be in the lives we touch and change. The simplest of actions, a smile or personal interest in someone, can be life changing for that person. This book takes a look at such a life. Not a perfect life. A life lived increasingly to the glory of God. And when I was over, the legacy was one of joy and respect. Now that is something to strive for!


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