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Diann Pass

Grief Expert

I am an author, speaker, grief coach, and chaplain who helps people walk through grief and loss. I have written two grief-related books — Lessons in Living and Dying, and my newest book, Rediscover Your Life After Loss, which will be out in early summer 2019. My chaplaincy has been working in the marketplace with employees of small to large corporations and businesses and as a volunteer hospice chaplain for two years. I also worked as a Railroad chaplain for four years ministering to families whose loved ones were involved in a train/car incident. My expertise is working with people in crisis; caring and being there as needed. And, I was the caregiver for my husband for the last seven years of his life. I understand caregiving!

Roy Smith
Senior Pastor and Founder
True Lite Church, Midland, Texas

“Diann Pass provides a bridge to close the gap between the pain of a loved one’s death and the healing process of those left behind. Readers’ hearts are strengthened as Diann shares her real-life experience after walking through the shadows of death.”

I love to work with those who are walking through the most difficult times of life.To show compassion and help find solutions, and in the end see relief, are humbly gratifying. Most of us need someone to vent to or someone to help us discover a new way to look at our problems. The solutions will come from within, but it is nice to find that others have also had the same questions and same problems we too are facing. The loneliness lifts in the sharing of our deepest challenges. Let me walk with you,too.


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