If this is your first visit to our website, we are happy you are here. Landing here probably means you are suffering from the loss of a loved one and looking for some relief. We would like to help you find peace and direction in your life again. Don’t misunderstand. I am not saying this will be a pain free journey. What I am saying is that it is possible to move forward to healing by using the wisdom collected by others. I would like to offer you wisdom and healing. May you be blessed, and may you find a path to a new life.


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Let me walk with you through this pilgrimage and share with you some of the ways to expedite healing..

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“Diann has taken a subject most people do not want to talk about and dealt with it in raw and honest emotions. Some of it may not be the way you would tell your story or even believe, but that is the beauty of what she says: people approach and deal with grief in their unique way. Her style is easy to read and truly lets you look into her grieving mind – her journey. That is a big benefit of her book – candor about what she felt and did. Her honest and biting statements about things people say while around a grieving person provide insight, and she offers good tips on better things to say! Finally, her practical tips and lists are very useful.”

Hermann Eben
GR8 Solutions Group

Jacque Burklow, CHPCA
Chief Operating Officer
Hospice of Midland

Rediscover Your Life After Loss is a must read guide for those who seek to discover some semblance of normalcy after experiencing life-altering grief and loss. Diann Pass offers real solutions and guidance as she shares her sacred journey of grief recovery and emotional healing. She ‘keeps it real’ in her personal account of caring for her husband from his diagnosis to his death, and everything in between. Pure essence of the reality every one of us will ultimately experience.”

Motivational Words from Diann…

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What Do “I” Do?

Don’t they know? How can the world keep turning without you in it? I am surprised to see people smiling and laughing and going on – like nothing has happened! Endless chatter. Mindless conversation about TV shows and sports. And I just want to scream! I look at the...

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Allow Yourself to Grieve

Is today one of those days when you want to pull the covers up over your head and bury yourself in your tears? I give you permission to do it. Some days it’s hard to find a good reason to get up from bed. No one to cook breakfast for, or lunch, or dinner. No one’s...

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Moving Forward

Thirteenth century poet Persian poet, Rumi states, “The wound is the place where the light enters.” The fact that you are reading this tells me that you probably have a gaping wound that feels as if it will never heal. Healing is a slow and steady process. The ancient...

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Grieving is a moment by moment job and it is a very lonely job. Some of us do best in groups;others one on one. I give workshops for groups and I also do one on one coaching.

“Grief is a journey, not a destination. The goal is to survive the pain and use it to make the next season of your life richer.”

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Diann Pass
Grief Expert

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I am an author, speaker, grief coach, and chaplain who helps people walk through grief and loss..I have written two grief related books…

Emily Boller
Author of Starved to Obesity
Mother of five, artist and speaker 

“Diann Pass draws upon her personal journey of being a caregiver for her terminally ill husband to working through the stages of grief after his passing with such clarity and honesty. She comes alongside as a guide to show the way through what I call the pitfalls of grief. I would have greatly benefited from this book after the death of my son several years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who is caring for a terminally ill loved one or walking through the valley of the shadow of death. It is truly a gift to us all–a beacon of hope to facilitate healing.”